The Mafia room is focused around a game similar to roleplaying called mafia. The original founder of this room was Steeledges and soon after Transmuter also became roomowner.

Electrolyte, SkarmChikora, Mob Boss, PieLovesEveryone, Cxinlee, Singapore123, Pandon, Eeveelution Lover and Coronis were notable former staff

Today Mafia's Room Owners are:

Snaquaza, ajhockeystar, Aelita and Rssp1

The Moderators Are:

Drookez, Lynch-E (Bot), Macle, Pikacal and previously SunintoBandito

The Drivers Are:

Alphajores, SlimShadow, Hannahh, Seito Hakari, Sanjana

The Voices Are:

Acidphoenix, Hawkie, Hobbes2, Fohex, ImmaFirinMahLazer, Microwavable, TheWhoDoctor, VeryPinkPancakes

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